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Nit Picky offers a unique alternative to treating dreadlocks and extentions other than removal or a pair of scissors. You read it correctly, you do not have to use scissors and cut off your dreads or remove your extentions to treat head lice. At least not without attempting to safely and effectively eliminate live head lice first. 

Can I hire Nit Picky to remove lice and nits from my dreads or extentions?
​Nit Picky cannot perform our lice and nit removal services on any person

that has dreads or extentions, however we provide a step by step process and non-toxic lice treatment product that will kill live lice for good. 

Nit Picky's Dreadlock Head Lice Treatment & Extention Head lice Treatment

Our dreadlock head lice treatment and extention head lice treatment include using our product,  a proprietary blend of non toxic and essential oils that will begin killing head lice in as little as ten minutes. It is recommended that you leave the product on for 8-10 hours or overnight for the first treatment. It is our extra strength version of our eradicate oil. Several treatments will be required over the course of a 14 day period. Instead of cutting your dreads or removing your extentions, depend upon our expertise and knowledge of the lice life cycle to kill them and stop them from reproducing. Nits will still remain in the hair since the only way to remove them is to cut your dreads or remove your extentions to allow a fine tooth combing of the hair.  The nits will no longer be viable after the 14 day treatment period and head lice will be gone.

About Nit Picky:
Nit Picky has successfully treated thousands of people for head lice
since 2005. The company values family and exceptional customer
service making them the leading head lice company on the West Coast.         




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