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Nit Picky offers lice treatment services in the convenience of your home or in our Temecula

Lice Salon. A professional Nit Picker will provide professional screenings and lice treatment utilizing our 100% natural lice products and Nit Picky lice and nit removal process.​

Walk In's are welcome, however an appointment is highly recommend to ensure that we have enough time to provide the care that your lice treatment deserves.

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FHA Approved

Insurance Reimbursed

Discounts For Families On State Assistance

​Complimentary Services For Schools

&  Summer Camps

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Services Include:

  • Professional Lice Treatment
  • 100% Natural Products
  • Removal of Lice and  Nits
  • 100% Guarantee*​
  • Preventative Care
  • After Treatment Care
  • Home Treatment Info
  • Customer Care & Support


Screen every student or family member for live head lice and nits (lice eggs). 

Everyone must be screened to avoid cross contamination. Even those that

dye their hair and are not experiencing symptoms such as itching.


Upon detection of lice and nits a lice treatment is required.  The Nit Picker will

begin to apply Nit Picky's 100% natural lice treatment products to the hair and immediately begin removing lice and nits by combing through the hair with our professional lice treatment process. The process can take 1-2 hours based upon the hair type and the severity of the infestation. No Shampooing or washing of the hair is required during your appointment, our products are so safe they stay on the hair during the entire process. The Nit Picker will remove evey louse and nit that can be found within the hair during the appointment.*


Upon completion of the lice treatment, the Nit Picker will educate the client

on methods of lice prevention and after care to ensure 100% effectiveness.​​​

​*Prices: We reserve the right to adjust our pricing at anytime. Total costs may vary based upon hair type, infestation levels, location of services and any other unforseen factors. We strive to keep our prices to a minimum to assist you with the unexpected expense of head lice. If a treatment takes longer than 1 hour we will prorate the cost into 15 minute increments. All prices are charged per person. 

*Save: Qualification and restrictions may apply.

*Services In: Services are available based upon availability.